what you want exists, don’t settle until you get it.

I have one mission and one mission only, to help you understand that if you take the time to figure out what you truly want you can have it.  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  You have the power to create ANYTHING you want once you become clear about exactly what it is and you are willing to put in the work.

Your all new way to have every business tool you’ll ever need right at your fingertips to grow your business or blog.

I will work hand in hand with you to set your goals, fix what’s not working, and make things happen! One session, lot’s of impact.

Discover the purpose and potential behind your business and brand; whether you are a new or an established business owner.


“I hired Kike to help me transition from one entrepreneurial field to another. She broke down what I was doing, both good and bad, then created a plan to brand my business as an expert in my market. Not only did I walk away with clearer goals for my business but I walked away with an action plan to get me to my targeted goal. We mapped out how to turn my passion into a profit and exactly who I needed to serve in order to be successful. Thank you Kike for giving me a clearer direction to achieve more. I have a new found confidence in the direction of my brand and for that, I am most grateful.”
Makini Smith – Author | Speaker | Mindset Coach
“I had been coaching and speaking for years. But stepping out and starting my own business was a new feat for me and I had no idea how to run a business. Kike’s years of experience and ability to light a productivity fire under my timidity was just the push and accountability I needed to learn new skills, processes, and put my brand out there. From producing my newest devotional, establishing a consistent presence on social media, to setting up the infrastructure structure I needed to get organized, I was able to accomplish in a few months what most startups achieve after years of trial and error. And how could I forget, making an actual profit? I can’t count the number of times Kike’s advice kept me from spending money I didn’t have as a new business owner on gimmicky marketing strategies, or from missing out on opportunities I didn’t think I was “ready” for. An investment in Kike’s services is definitely the boast your brand needs.”
Nicole O. Salmon – Author | Speaker | Lifestyle & Leadership Coach