what you want exists, don’t settle until you get it.

My Boss Is Me. is a Global Community and Online Space for women of color on an entrepreneurial journey created to help you start and scale your idea.  More importantly, we want to help you become a BOSS in all areas of your life not just your business.  Everything you will find here (practical advice, resources, tools, and personalized coaching) are designed to help YOU fully understand that anything you want to do, become or have is possible once you become clear about what it is and are willing to put in the work to create it.

We believe that everything you want exists and if it doesn’t, you have the power to create it – life is too short to spend all of it, working on creating a dream that isn’t yours.

A Facebook group for women on an entrepreneurial journey.  Expect content you can apply to your business and life, to make genuine connections, and to collaborate


Looking for a book recommendation or tools to help you start and scale your business? Check out our bookshelf and resource section.  Where we share some of our favourite things

Tired of going around in circles, trying to figure out everything all by yourself? Working with a coach so you can get personalized solutions may be exactly what you need

as seen in 

 “I hired Kike to help me transition from one entrepreneurial field to another. She broke down what I was doing, both good and bad, then created a plan to brand my business as an expert in my market. Not only did I walk away with clearer goals for my business but I walked away with an action plan to get me to my targeted goal. We mapped out how to turn my passion into a profit and exactly who I needed to serve in order to be successful …

Makini Smith – Author | Speaker | Mindset Coach 

“I had been coaching and speaking for years. But stepping out and starting my own business was a new feat for me and I had no idea how to run a business. Kike’s years of experience and ability to light a productivity fire under my timidity was just the push and accountability I needed to learn new skills, processes, and put my brand out there. From producing my newest devotional, establishing a consistent presence on social …

Nicole O. Salmon – Author | Speaker | Lifestyle & Leadership Coach