Congrats! If you are reading this you have successfully set up a blog or ecommerce site and are looking to enhance your pages. Plug-ins are special features you can add to your site, most of the time for free to improve the user’s experience. Here is a compiled list of the tape 10 WordPress plugins that will help increase your traffic, income and consumer experience!

#1 Frizzly

Frizzly is a plugin that will allow you to create a hovering share button over images on your website. For example, when someone sees an image that they love on one of your blog posts, when they go to click the image a little Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter logo will appear and this allows the user to share your photo with a link back to your website on their social media channels. This is great for spreading your pages.

#2 Coschedule

To schedule allows you to set up an editorial calendar and schedule things weeks and months in advance. If you are someone who uses a content calendar this is the digital version of your content calendar that can basically run itself.

#3 WordPress Notification Bar

This is great for anyone trying to build their email subscription list. Psst. This should be everyone reading this! WordPress notification bar floats at the top of your web page and asks viewers to sign up on your subscription email list. You could also offer freebies here to entice users. This is a great way to capture clients that are curious about what you do but not yet ready to purchase.

#4 Intensive

This plugin adds your IG feed to your website and is self-explanatory. Adding your Instagram feed to your website gives your user added visuals and insight to your brand.

#5 Yoast SEO

This plug-in is one of our favorites. Yoast SEO scans through everything you post on your site to make sure that is meeting the requirements that search engines use to rank their recommendations. Yoast will tell you if you are using sentences that are too long, too much passive voice and even if your posts are easy to read.

#6 Sitemap

Sitemap helps Google’s SEO “elves” find your site faster. This is, of course, the layman’s translation. Anything you can do to improve your SEO is a must have.

#7 DropBox Backup and Restore

You never know what might happen to your computer or internet during working on your site. This plugin will backup everything you have worked hard on and cannot imagine having to rebuild in the case that something happens.

#8 WP Smush

There’s nothing worse than going to a website that takes forever to load! WP Smush compresses the photos on your web page so that they load faster for visitors.

#9 Disqus

This plugin allows user comments at the bottom of your blog posts. Some posts rely on consumer interaction. More importantly, when you interact with your consumers you get to know them better and what their needs are. This will, in turn, help you create better products and services.  

#10 Viglink

If you have been wondering how to monetize your blog using affiliate links, this is the plug-in for you. Viglink allows you to turn any link in your blog post to a money-making opportunity. If you post about being organized, you can include a link in your post to a website that sells planners and makes a commission from each sale.

No matter how many plugins you use anything that can be done to improve user experience gets an A+. Website viewers will become loyal subscribers when your blog is easy to use and share. These WordPress plugins are only a few of many. Finding the ones that work for you, can make your experience as a blogger easier as well. Any chance to automate the processes of your blog like content schedule will save you time.  We all need more of that!

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