If you have a dream, you can spend a lifetime researching, planning, perfecting and get stuck in a state of trying to getting ready.

We all set goals for ourselves and try our best to stick to them. It’s almost the end of February and I’m sure you’ve probably set a ton of goals for yourself last month at the beginning of the new year.

What are they??

Perhaps you set a goal to lose some weight, get in the best shape of your life, write a book, starting your own business or take an existing business to the next level.  Maybe you’re like me and you are tackling a few projects at the same time.

The hardest part and what you should be focused on doing is just getting started.

Here’s how I stay on track no matter what my goals may be:

Get Started

The hardest thing to do when you’re working on a new goal, project or anything to better yourself or surroundings is simply getting started.  Being disciplined enough to sit down and/or apply yourself to what needs to be done to get the momentum going is the hardest thing to do for most people.  When trying to accomplish goals start by scheduling a time to work on them … getting started is really everything.

If you’re not sure where to start, I gave some insight on how to flesh out a big last week you can read about it here:  3 Steps To Executing Your Big Idea 

Focus on Fewer Goals 

All goals take effort – tackling too many at one time is beyond most of us.  Rather than trying to change everything overnight try focusing on just a few that are the most important to you.  It’s a good idea to choose some that compliment each other.

Write It Down, Make It Happen

I feel like a broken record sometimes but I can’t stress the importance of using a pen and paper.  One reason why our goals get derailed is because we fail to write things down.  Writing things down help us to be proactive with our planning and stay focused along the way.  Schedule the tasks associated with completing your goal(s) and plan for at least 3 months ahead.  90 days of concentrated effort can make a major difference in achieving your goals.

Create Small Achievable Milestones  

Bigger goals can sometimes create the feeling over being overwhelmed, and seem kind of daunting. Knowing exactly what needs to get done and how long it will take, setting and doing a bunch of smaller steps and focusing on one day at a time is what will help keep your on track.  Give yourself a deadline to aim for with each milestone – make it ambitious, but not unrealistic.  If you’re trying to loose weight for example.

  • loose 60lbs in 12 months
  • loose 10lbs per month
  • loose 2.5 a week

Assign actionable tasks to your milestones/smaller goals

  • work out four days a week
  • start clean eating nutrition plan
  • buy a fitness tracker

Pat Yourself on the Back

Take time out to celebrate your accomplishments as you go, take the time to acknowledge what you have done and congratulate yourself.  You doing more than a large percentage of the population.

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