You’re a newbie! We get it. There is no judging here. We were all new once. What is great about having a business coach is that you can avoid half the mistakes a new entrepreneur would make and save yourself a lot of time. Coaches are worth the investment because they save you time, money and stress. Building on WordPress can be hard and there are a lot of kinks in the process. This countdown gives you 10 mistakes WordPress newbies make and how to avoid them.

#10 Not Planning Ahead

This mistake is not only time consuming but can stress you out. Having some type of a content calendar, or scheduled posts are necessary to running a business. You have a lot on your plate and having a plan is necessary to be successful. Always plan ahead!

#9 No email list/ Hard to find email list

Emails are almost an exchange of currency in business. Your email subscription list should be easy to find and easy to sign up. No one wants to look for you to give you their information. Make subscription to an email list easy and enticing. The more emails you collect the bigger your reach is.

#8 Not taking your blog/ Website seriously

We live in a digital age. Your website is just as important as your first impression. Most of the time your first impression is your website! Make sure your website is a good representation of you and your brand.

#7 No images

Content is great, but images are what grab attention. Compelling images can even take subpar writing to the next level. Visuals break up the amount of information you are providing and can help explain the concepts your blog posts are teaching.

#6 Overpaying for your website

With a number of options available to set up your website, you should never be overpaying for the service. Don’t feel like you have to jump into a subscriber paid plan to start off. is FREE to begin. What’s better than free?

#5 Not monitoring your traffic

Analytics are vital. If you are not monitoring your traffic, then you are not getting to know your audience. Do not ignore analytics simply because they are numbers and charts that are hard to understand. Talk to your business coach about the analytics you don’t understand and they will be able to help you make better choices for your web page and your business.

#4 Not being real!

This is a biggie. People buy you, not your products. If a consumer doesn’t know who you are, they will not patronize your business. Use WordPress plugins to add your Instagram feed, and enhance your about me page. Investing time into showing your audience who you are on the about me page of your website will pay off. Literally.  

#3 Not using SEO and keywords

This can be fixed by installing one important plugin; Yoast SEO. Keywords = SEO = Higher search ranking = new clients with minimal effort.

#2 Not having a blog ideas list

This is more for personal use but will translate onto your WordPress blog as an endless stream of useful information. You want Google Analytics to measure each user session in longer lengths. The best way to keep viewers on your web page is to load your blog with valuable content. Keeping a running list of blog ideas is great. When you take the time to create your content calendar you will already have a list to pull from.

#1 Trying to be perfect

Nobody is perfect! And your followers don’t expect you to be. Relax, be yourself.

Even when you are a newbie, you don’t have to make mistakes like one. Take note of these 10-time savers for your WordPress blog. Any experienced entrepreneur will tell you that they have either made one of these 10 mistakes or avoided one of these. Remember, as entrepreneurs, we stand on the shoulders of each other to reach our goals.

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