We’re over a month into 2017. Reading that, do you feel like screaming the way I did, “ OO-MM-GEE What happened to January!?” One of the biggest frustrations of future entrepreneurs is the feeling that they’re not making any progress. That feeling is the reason many entrepreneurs quit before their business ever gets a chance to flourish.

One of the biggest frustrations many entrepreneurs experience is the feeling that they’re not making enough progress (myself included). That feeling is the reason many entrepreneurs quit before their business ever gets a chance to flourish.

No matter the stage you are in business, you will always feel like you can do more.

But If you’re not careful, time can slip by without any growth if you don’t have a clear plan and the discipline to carry it out. Today we’re discussing exactly what it takes to finally accomplish that major goal you’ve set this year,


Step 1: Get Super Clear

What’s the goal? What’s the thing you’ve been working towards?

You might be getting nothing done because your goal is too vague. If it’s not specific you’ll have no way of knowing when you’ve achieved it. Your major goal should be something specific, measurable and time restrained. In other words, “ Have a successful clothing line” is not a goal, it’s a wish.  To come up with an actual goal you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions.  When will you open your clothing store? Who are the clothes for? How much time will you give yourself to get started, launch and grow” How much money do you want to be making? And is your goal taking place over a manageable amount of time? You’re 1000% times more likely to accomplish a three-month goal than a three-year one. That’s not a scientific stat, just me sharing my experience.

Here’s a better goal: “ Have my high-end line of sexy workout clothes (for curvy women) up and running generating $5,000/month by February 2018.”

See how the goal becomes instantly more measurable? Knowing that you’re making workout clothes instead of evening gowns helps you identify what kind of fabric suppliers you’ll be buying from. Knowing your clothes are for upscale, sexy, curvy women gives you a feel for who you’re marketing to, and which stores you’ll approach to carry your line. Knowing your income goals will help you when setting daily, weekly and monthly sales goals. Knowing your end date allows you to backtrack on a calendar to plan out your steps. Your goal must have an end date.

Step 2: Give yourself a reality check

Once you have a clear goal, it’s time to sit yourself down for a talk. Ask yourself why this goal is your goal.  If you’ve had this goal forever and haven’t moved forward, ask yourself, “ Do I really even want this?” If yes, what’s holding me back? Be real.

You may realize a few things that surprise you like you’re going after that goal to try to impress or prove something to someone or you haven’t moved forward because you know it’ll be a lot of work … maybe you’re stuck wondering if entrepreneurship is the right path for you.

If your goal passes the “reality check” test, move on to the next step. If not, set a new goal.

Step 3: Decide

Have you ever met someone who has a new hustle every time you talk to them? Or maybe you’re that person? Sounds like a case of chronic-goal-resetting. Pick a goal and commit to it. Decide you’ll carry it through. Keep your word.

Boss Note: If being flaky with your goals or procrastination is a big deal for you, start with a very, very short term goal to show yourself that you can do it, and train yourself to follow through. With our previous example, a goal like this would be, “ In the next two weeks, create the patterns for the first 2 items of the workout clothing line.”

Step 4: Make a Plan

If you’ve set a good, specific goal, this part will be child’s play. Look at your goal and break it down into its composite parts. With our curvy girl workout wear example, the list will look like this:

●  create 40 sketches for potential pieces

●  ask a “focus group” of 10 curvy women who work out what they think about each

piece (functionality and aesthetics)

●  narrow the sketches down to 10 great items

●  create patterns / get patterns made for the 10 items

●  find fabric source for stretchy, soft fabric that won’t show sweat stains and will hold up to lots of movement

●  get samples made

●  begin creating online marketing plan

●  research stores that could carry the line

●  research + create sales pitch for stores

●  pitch to 20 stores with the goal of being carried in at least 5

 … and on and on you get my point

Step 5: Schedule Your Plan

Now that you know the steps that’ll get you from where you are now to your end destination, and the date when you want the goal accomplished by, put every single item on the list on
the calendar. Take note of how long you think each task will take, double it and then backtrack from your end date as you place each task on your calendar.

The last step is to understand that the season of working towards this goal is just that – a season. It won’t be your life forever and over time you’ll be taking on new and different goals. Commit to this time and make the most of it.


It’s time to take action. With these five steps, you can get unstuck and finally accomplish the major goal you’ve been thinking about forever.

What’s your major goal? And which step do you think will be most helpful for you as you work towards your major goal? Leave a comment! Let’s talk.

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