This session is for you if:

There’s a deeper reason why you’re not living the boss-life you daydream about as you sit at your 9-5, counting down the hours til you can go home, desperate to be anywhere but that desk.

The truth is, you know you’ll quit your day job the second your dream business can support you, and you’ve been grinding and struggling and trying to do it by yourself … but no matter what you try or what plans you draw up, you just can’t seem to translate all the mountains of information you’ve pulled together (from articles and Periscopes and podcasts and freebies and webinars) into tangible results.
You’re hungry for boss-level results you can see in your life – andyour bank account.

(Hint: It has nothing to do with you not having what it takes. Because
you absolutely do!)

If You’re …

Frustrated that you’ve been spending your precious time and energy growing someone else’s business while neglecting your own dream

Beating yourself up because you hate your day job more and more every day, but you know you’re guilty of treating your own future business like a hobby (because, in reality, you’ve never needed to rely on it to support you

Ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship full time, but you’re not exactly sure what steps to take and in what order Comfortable with your salary, benefits and lifestyle, but that hasn’t stopped you from dreaming about what life would look like if you could live it 100% on your own terms A new (new-ish) entrepreneur, who’s already taken the plunge and made some money, but find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck, lost or even considering going back to a 9-5, because your experience in business for yourself isn’t what you thought it would be

Wanting a one-on-one business mentor who’s been there and done that, who can give you the real, and teach you the secrets of people who’ve already succeed out here in these entrepreneurial streets.

Ready for someone to get all up in your business with you and show
you what it really takes to succeed

You Could Be…

Finally transitioning out of your 9-5, by putting the crucial systems in place that’ll have your business generating the income you need to leave your job and be your own boss, full time
Building an online community of people who are desperate to buy what you sell
Standing out in the crowded social media space by strategically leveraging the web to position yourself as THE expert in your industry
Finally getting your business life in order and tackling the overwhelming tasks you try to ignore …

(Think: no more website shame!) Learning how to be the boss of your own mind, and to move forward because you understand how to manage your fears Making enough money in your business to replace your paycheque while working on your job full-time

You might be waiting for life to calm down, or this thing or that thing to settle into place, so that the conditions are just right to take on your dream …

But know this: Nothing will change unless you do! You can change your life the moment you decide to. And why not now? No more games or halfway actions. No more excuses. It’s time to stop playing and give it your all.

If you know an intensive coaching session is for you, don’t hesitate. It’s time for you to be able to say, “My boss is me.”

VIP Coaching Intensives are coaching sessions on steroids, designed to deliver solutions that’ll quickly transition your life and business to the next level – boss level. Just you and me, all up in your business (literally) for a luxurious full day of uninterrupted attention, strategy and most importantly, laser-focused action.
An Intensive is an opportunity to treat yourself, to invest in yourself and to finally take your own potential seriously … rather than leaving your success to chance, or getting frustrated by an endless cycle of failed attempts.

A set-apart day to focus on your business is your opportunity to shift the momentum in your life and career in your favor.

Space is limited to 4 clients per city (Note: I will be hosting intensive coaching days in all of the locations below, but they can also be done via Skype.)


Your Intensive begins before we ever meet in person! Before our day together, you will fill out an extensive Welcome Pack so that we can hit the ground running – and so that we’re sure to reach all of your goals for our time together. I want to know the ins and outs of your challenges and goals so that I come to our session with my best strategies ready for you.
All Intensives are custom-designed to help you see the most results, and may include some of the following topics:

Mindset Mastery

Without this game-changing first step, nothing else will work. So many businesses fail because the bosses who run them aren’t mentally prepared for the ups and downs of the journey. I’ll make sure you’re set up to succeed and I’ll give you the tools to shift your thinking from employee to boss.

A Boss Business BluePrint

  • Let’s draw up your B-Plan
    ◦ How to know your business idea is a winner. Or tweak it to
    make it one!
    ◦ We’ll get down and dirty with the details of:
    ▪ What you offer
    ▪ Who you serve
    ▪ How it’s different
    ▪ How you’ll execute

Magnetic Marketing

Rise to the Top:

  • Your Custom Marketing Plan
    ◦ How to stand out in a crowded market
    ◦ How to get potential customers hooked
    ◦ How to up your visibility 100%
    ◦ What’s a Lead Magnet?
    ◦ Irresistible Email Marketing
    ◦ Freebies / Try-Advertising

So Much Money: Profit Planning

  • Non-scary budgeting: Breaking down dollars and cents
  •  How to price your product or service for profit
  •  Creating evergreen income streams
  • 12 month money plan
  •  Get Profitable: Your Bulletproof Sales Plan

How to Shine Online

  •  Creating a Banging Brand
  • A Killer Website That Does the Work for You
  • Social Media (The Key to Building Your Tribe)
    ◦ Branded Content
    ◦ Opt In Placement

So Much Money: Profit Planning

  • Non-scary budgeting: Breaking down dollars and cents
  •  How to price your product or service for profit
  •  Creating evergreen income streams
  • 12 month money plan
  •  Get Profitable: Your Bulletproof Sales Plan

Your Roadmap

  • Exit Plan Strategy (Your yellow brick road to quitting your day job)
    • Gaining Momentum (How to keep your business constantly growing)
    • Staying That Way (Setting a Standard of Success)
    (Payment is required in full to reserve your date.)



A full day of one-on-one, intensive, focused work on your business.


A crystal clear plan to keep you on track after your intensive.


Complimentary coffee, tea, and a delicious,
gourmet lunch for all in-person sessions.


Within two weeks of your session, I’ll call you for a
30 minute follow-up so that I can check in with you!


Access to a library of resources I’ve curated just for you.


You get first priority in my inbox for a full 3 months after your session!

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Client Name – Inspiration & Live Coach

Still figuring out if an intensive is right for you?

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