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Hi!  My name is Kike-Lola, (pronounced Key-K – Low-La ) I’m a certified business coach and connector, dedicated to helping women of colour around the world quit their 9 to 5’s and transform their lives with entrepreneurship.

Eight years ago, I walked away from what I’m proud to say was my LAST job as an employee. Since then I’ve made multiple six figures in the network marketing industry and as a serial entrepreneur.My aha moment was when I realized that entrepreneurship is the world’s most intensely powerful personal development package. Entrepreneurship is a tool that women can use to change their entire lives and not just their occupations.

So I’ve spent the last few years of my life helping women just like you develop their dreams of becoming business owners, and living the life they design.

You’re probably here because:

  • You’ve been seriously thinking about quitting your job …
  • Or you’ve already started a business, but replacing the income you make from your job seems far fetched and futile …
  • Or you’ve been in business for a while, but you’re not making anywhere near the amount of money you’d hoped to make.


If all of this is ringing true, stick around. I have so much more to share. I can show you how to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur!

Ready? OK Let’s do this … I’d love to talk!

A few more snippets of my story:

  • My father is Nigerian. (That’s where my name came from.).
  • My mother is from St. Kitts.
  • I’m a mother of two beautiful girls. They are my ‘why.’
  • I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
  • I’m a genuine straight talking no BS kinda chick .. “I keeps it 100 always!”
  • I’m in love with everything Atlanta. It’s my second home.
  • I’m a TRUE Pisces … March 8th is my favourite day of the year.
  • Some say I’m funny, even hilarious. I love to laugh!
  • One word my family and friends use to describe me is: loyal.
  • Relentless optimism and determination are my two biggest strengths.
  • My philosophy on creating the life you really want is pretty simple: decide what you want, write it down and work on it daily. God will take care of the rest


You can read my professional bio here:

Kike-Lola Odusanya is the founder of the My Boss Is Me Movement, a veteran “serial entrepreneur” and a network marketing industry expert best known for her straight-shooting, results-driven approach to business and life. Her mission is to help women around the world see their deepest desires and business dreams come to fruition through what she calls the “gift of entrepreneurship.” Her boutique coaching firm for women entrepreneurs operates virtually at: MyBossIsMe.Co and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.


Launching January 2017 : The My Boss Is Me. Mastermind is a group coaching experience like no other.  Designed for the Corporate Citizen who knows there’s more to life than a day job, is ready to build a business that can financially support their transition and allows them to finally quit their 9-5.