I still can’t believe it but yes I can officially say I wrote a book!!

As I mentioned the other day on Instagram, I never thought that at this stage in the game I would have written a book (myself)

Some people consider themselves writers but I don’t … it’s something I’ve always struggled with something I prefer not to do.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would write a book myself, I always knew I would one day become an author but I thought it would be a result of my hiring a ghost writer (I’m just being real) I have so many friends, much like me who don’t consider writing their forte and they all went the ghost writer route, I honestly thought that was going to be me too.
But Look At God, He obviously had other plans for me and so did my coach.  My coach insisted that I write one I told her that I would love to buy it wasn’t possible

One day the idea and words just came to me, I wrote for 3 days straight did nothing else but write, that was just the beginning of a long, challenging process (Girl This Book Tried To Take Me Out)
It was hard, I wanted to quit but I did it and now it’s here, ah hell just yesterday I had a mini panic attack thinking about what everyone would think once they got and read it.  Putting out something into the world that you put time and energy into creating is never easy but someone has to do it, right??

Sometimes it’s not what other people say to us but what we say to ourselves that is most harmful.

I wanted you to be among the first people I share this with you not only to let you know that that you can really do anything you set your mind to.

And on that note, I wanted to personally invite you to join me tonight at 8 pm est; as I stream on either Instagram or Facebook Live.  I’ll be hosting my Virtual Book Launch Party where I’ll be sharing special announcements, reading excerpts from my book and giving the deets on how you can win a free copy, it’s gonna be LITT!! All you have to do it show up.

Be sure to come and celebrate with me, it won’t be the same without YOU!

Kike-Lola xo

P.S.  I’ll also be taking over the She Leads Africa’s Live Stream on Facebook tomorrow at 12 pm est.  I’ll be taking about the steps you need to take to pursue your passion full time, and sharing my 7 steps to quitting your job like a boss.





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