The launch is exciting! You’ve come a long way. Before you go live take some time to double check to make sure you have everything covered. Building a website on WordPress entails detail. Your branding is vital and every page should follow a consistent flow. Everything from color to use of logo needs to be checked and checked again. Even if you don’t have a lot of viewers on your WordPress initially your statistics will rise organically if your website has a great user interface. Keep your energy high and create a marketing campaign around your launch, this way your launch won’t be a flop. For ways to market your launch look at our blog series on marketing. There are both paid and free ways you can create hype around your site before it goes live on WordPress. Whether you are doing a launch or pre-launch, this checklist will ensure that your website is ready for consumers:

  Buy your domain name

  Run your content through an SEO checker

  Have a friend or family member read through your frequently asked questions page

  Access your website from a remote computer and cell phone to ensure that it is functional

  Set up analytics

  Jumpstart all new and related social media accounts

  Check to make sure the branding on your social media accounts matches the branding on your website.

  Get your newsletter content ready; if people sign up on your email list, you need to be ready to deliver great content

  Join group boards on Pinterest to network with other entrepreneurs who will support your launch

   Create an editorial calendar

  Launch goals: how many page views in 24hrs? 48hrs? first month? And other analytics as well too

  Brand story on your About me page

  Contact us page

  Blog page with at least 5 blog posts

   Put a photo of you on the about us page; people want to know who you are

  Know your niche! If someone were to ask you, you need to be able to detail out your niche in 2min or less

  Check your links. Any blog post that contains links needs to be clicked to ensure they lead somewhere

  Have a marketing plan

  Make sure plug-ins are installed and functioning

Use this checklist to make sure you’re launch ready. It’s important to make sure these things, in addition to extras of your own, are done before launch. Every visitor to your blog counts. Word of mouth is important in marketing. A few great visits can increase your blog traffic, the same way a few bad visits can decrease them. Although there is a lot of work involved in both creating and launching a WordPress blog, get excited! Launches are an exhilarating time and should be celebrated. Positive vibes attract positive tribes. Be the brand your consumer wants to be friends with and your business will inevitably succeed.

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