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Mid-Point Check-in! Plan to Succeed. Roll Call!?

We are halfway through the year! Where did the time go? Time flies when you stay on the grind. It is time for our mid-year check-in. Hopefully, things are going well in your business and you have been reading along with us this year. We have talked about deciding what business to start, making your decision a reality, balancing your relationships and work, WordPress, branding and measuring your success. It has been a jam-packed beginning of the year.

Full of content and opportunities for improvement. I don’t know about you, but we need a breakdown and digest of what all we’ve done. We put together a checklist for you to see how things are going in your business. This will help you see what are your strengths and your weaknesses so you can take advantage of tightening things up before you go into 3rd and 4th quarter which tend to be the busiest time of the year for entrepreneurs.

Getting Started: The following items are typically completed during the startup phases, but if you’ve missed something, be sure to get it done.

  Do you have a business plan?  

  What is your niche market?

  Who is your ideal client?

  Passion behind your business?

Health & Wellness: These are not necessarily related to your business success, but you’re important too! Staying healthy is key to being productive.

  Work life balance?

  Are you stressed often?

  How often do you have “me time”?

  Number of hours you work a week?

  Feel overwhelmed? How do you plan to manage this feeling?

WordPress: This is the bread and butter of your business. Do you have the basis for a strong online presence? Let’s see.

  Do you own your custom domain?

  Is your website up and fully functional, including link checks?

  Social media linked to your website?

  Email subscription list setup?

Branding: You know how vital branding is. You’ve read the blog posts. Right?

  Specific set of brand colors?

  Brand colors consistent between your website, social media, and packaging?


  Engaging with your potential clients on social media?

  What is your mission statement?

  Your brand story? Is it visible on your website or product labeling?

Self-Audit: Here’s where we get to analytics and see how applying everything we’ve covered this year in blogs have helped your business grow. These methods will also help your business continue to grow in the future.

  Download Google Analytics

  Review your analytics on a consistent basis

  Goals set for 3rd and 4th quarter?

  Goals written down?

  Automated any of your business processes? List them.

  What is your ROI?

  Plans to improve your ROI?

  Looking into collaborating with someone like minded?

This checklist is lengthy but covers the main points of what we have talked about during the 1st and 2nd quarter. Once this checklist is completed, your business should be almost running itself and profitable. If you ask us, it’s been a great first half of the year and we have seen a lot of you grow! We look forward to more stories, higher numbers, and bigger brands.

How to Measure Growth

Success must be measurable. As entrepreneurs, we are all seeking some feeling of success. Your definition may be different from that of someone else. Nevertheless, you’re chasing this undefined feeling of gratification. Success in business is meant to be measurable. When you take on a new project, release a product, or launch a website you should have goals and milestones to measure your success.


How To Make Your Business Idea A Reality

Can you believe it, we’re already halfway through January.  Time’s been flying and this year is going to go by just as fast.

If you’ve got a great idea for a new business, or some amazing new ideas for an existing one and  you’ve decided that 2017 is going to be the year you’re going to up your business game then keep reading this week’s post is for you


How To Schedule Your Day TO Get More Done While Working A 9-5

If you’re attempting to build a business while working a 9-5 you’re, spending your time wisely is of utmost importance.

Obviously, a huge chunk of your day is already accounted for.  I’ll assume like most people you work for approximately 8 hours; Monday – Friday and then there are the hours that are spent getting ready for work, (breakfast and lunch prep if you have children) and then time spent traveling to and from the office.

Your time becomes limited by default but with a little planning and some sacrifice you can still find a few hours in the day to get things done.


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