“There’s more to life than your day job … build the business you’ve always wanted & quit your 9-5.  Get customized 1-on-1 coaching to get your business up, running and profitable.   I know something that I think will change the game for you. I want you to know it too” 

There’s a deeper reason why you can’t wait to get the heck out of your 9-5 and finally run your own profitable business. It’s not just about doing work you love or making money on your own terms . . . . . although I’m going to teach you how to do those things. It’s about transformation. It’s about actually feeling yourself grow. Being able to look back at the past year and not even believe all the ways you were a total boss.

Imagine waking up in the morning still feeling proud of what you’d accomplished the day before. Imagine starting your day feeling surefooted, energized and crystal clear on your next steps …  and imagine going to bed at night feeling like you’d risen to the occasion that day. And feeling peaceful. And respected. And free.

Together, we'll get you there. Here's how it can look:

$2997.00 and up 

You’ll quit your day job the second you know your dream business can support you. You’re ready to commit to building your own empire instead of someone else’s.
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$997.00 and up

You know how to make things happen. But without a roadmap or profit plan, you’ve been spending a lot of time hustling without actually reaching your goals.
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Afraid of commitment?    You know you could blast through your problem – your stuck-ness – if you just had a business expert to offer fresh solutions and help you take the next step …
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“I hired Kike to help me transition from one entrepreneurial field to another. She broke down what I was doing, both good and bad, then created a plan to brand my business as an expert in my market. Not only did I walk away with clearer goals for my business but I walked away with an action plan to get me to my targeted goal. We mapped out how to turn my passion into a profit and exactly who I needed to serve in order to be successful. Thank you Kike for giving me a clearer direction to achieve more. I have a new found confidence in the direction of my brand and for that I am most grateful.”

Makini Smith


“Working with Kike has brought much needed clarity and focus to my thinking.Through her creation of a strategic and targeted plan, I’ve learned to serve my audience better and gained much needed insight into my business. Her coaching was specific and extremely helpful. She quickly got to the heart of the matter in a manner that was energizing, productive and encouraging. She has truly given me the support, focus and confidence needed to take my business to the next level.”

Isake Tom


Launching January 2017 : The My Boss Is Me. Mastermind will be a group coaching experience like no other.  Designed with the Corporate Citizen who knows there’s more to life than a day job and is ready to build a business that can financially support their transition and allow them to finally quit their 9-5.