WordPress is probably a name you have heard before. If you have ever thought of starting a blog, or website you know this name. As familiar as the name is, you still may be a bit confused on what exactly WordPress is and why you need it for your business. WordPress is a platform used to build websites, blogs and can be integrated with eCommerce. In other words, it is a website itself, where you can sign-up for free and start a blog. If you later decide to purchase a website name like; http://www.myawesomebusiness.com it gives you the option to buy the name. There are also “plug-ins” or apps that you can add to your website to allow visitors to schedule appointments for your services and purchase your products. WordPress offers two platforms, is free to start and can help grow your business.

What many people don’t understand is that there are two WordPress websites. The first is WordPress.com and the second is WordPress.org. WordPress.com is where you go if you would like to start a blog for free and do not care about having a site name that includes the word “WordPress” in the name such as http://www.wordpress.com/myawesomebusiness. You are also eligible to purchase a custom website name, but most users on this portion of WordPress are simply trying to get started and leave this part out for now. WordPress.com offers a full back suite. This means you as the author of the blog can customize how you want your blog to look, the written content on the pages and interact with other blog users by subscribing to their pages, reading and commenting on posts. WordPress.org on the other hand, offers the ability to install plug-ins or add-ons that allow your website to have more functions like the ability for customers to purchase products and schedule meetings with you. WordPress.org allows more detail customization. Both sides provide preloaded website theme layouts or designs that give the user a framework for building the pages.


WordPress.com is free to start. This makes it a great option for new business owners or those who already own a business, but are interested in starting or moving an already existing website. Those who are new to website building can take their time in customizing the site and even receive assistance in the forums and frequently asked questions section of the website. There are also freelance website builders that specialize in WordPress because it is so well known, it is rather easy to find someone who can assist in the initial set up of a site. When starting a business minimal expense is a concern and using WordPress can help save money in the startup phases without sacrificing the need for an online presence.


It is no secret that having a blog can help grow a business. Creating an online presence is important when building an audience. Posting consistent content on your expertise shows that you and your brand can be trusted. With both WordPress platforms, you can write multiple blog posts and schedule them for future automated posting. Scheduling will give you a chance to get ahead on other facets of your business and is almost completely unique to WordPress as a blogging site. Social media platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance but, never the size of a true blog post like WordPress. Buying your website domain on WordPress is like owning a piece of internet real estate. Your business will have a place to call home and you can design the home exactly as you like, so that when you have guests over they want to stay! Take advantage of WordPress and grow your potential clientele.





In the upcoming month, we will be releasing posts that look at how WordPress operates and compares to other platforms that offer similar features. So, whether you already have a blog or you’re just getting started this series provides a concise look at the wonders of WordPress. Without the extra mumbo jumbo of technology wording and overbearing research, we are giving you the down low on how to maximize the features and get started from A-Z. Stay tuned and let your friends and followers know to subscribe to our email list and join the conversation on social media.

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