“I’ve always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. That’s always been something I’ve been 100% sure of. But as a business owner there’s so much uncertainty, and a lot to learn, which can become very overwhelming. Since working with Kike, the abundance of valuable information I’ve gained from her coaching has made such a huge impact on myself and my business. She’s helped to make the decisions involved with running my business more clearer. She is so open to sharing her personal experiences in such a down to earth way, and her straight to the point, no BS attitude is golden. She tells you like it is, and to me, that is what matters most. I appreciate her so much, especially when self-doubt rears its ugly head because she sees in me what I sometimes cannot see in myself. Having Kike as a business coach is way more than just that. She is your advisor, supporter, biggest cheerleader and friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. A million “thank you’s” to you, Kike! You’re truly amazing! <3”
Tia Thomas  – Owner and Designer
Love & Light Jewels

I once read a quote by Oprah Winfrey that said surround yourself with people that are going to lift you higher. Kike is one of the best that I know when it comes to building people up. From the first day I met her she’s been nothing short of positive, motivating and best of all, she leads by example. She’s helped me improve my health, grow myself and increase my income. I’m not you but if I were, I’d contact her NOW and ask her to teach you everything she knows and be prepared to win.”
Mimi Zackery – Entrepreneur   

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“I met Kike when I decided to take my business international. We were part of the same company where I saw her become the only multi million dollar producer in all of Canada as a single mom and with little experience in network marketing. She is an Excuse Eliminator who knows how to win while helping others to reach their goals at the same time. I can truly say that I’ve made a friend and I’m honored.
Demond Coleman – Success Coach

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“Kike Lola is a dynamic and refreshing! Her way of looking at and digesting the world around her with style, grace and intelligent wit, is something you want to experience. She is far from average, completely unforgettable and has a heart of gold!!! Thanks Kike for showing up in my life!!! You are much appreciated!!
Lola Thompson

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“Dynamic, powerful, engaging were some of the words that came to mind when I first met Kike. Over time I have come to realize, even more, this is a woman who will powerfully impact the life of anyone who has the great fortune of crossing her path.”

Dennis Brown, Life/Business Coach, Author

“Kike is a force of nature.  I worked with her after launching my company Chew Street.  I was happy with my full time job but needed help on how to balance my passion project, make it profitable, and ensure that the company could contribute to causes that are important to me.  Kike has boundless energy and a natural talent for transforming creative ideas into action plans that are easy to implement. She really cares about the women she works with and the projects she takes on.”

Charlene Theodore

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“Working with Kike has brought much needed clarity and focus to my thinking.Through her creation of a strategic and targeted plan, I’ve learned to serve my audience better and gained much needed insight into my business. Her coaching was specific and extremely helpful. She quickly got to the heart of the matter in a manner that was energizing,  productive and encouraging. She has truly given me the support, focus and confidence needed to take my business to the next level.”
Isake Tom