My Boss Is Me. is a personal and business development firm for women, more specifically women of color that is devoted to helping you become a BOSS in all areas of your life not just your business.  My and this is our definition of what being a “BOSS” is.  We believe that being a ‘BOSS” means so much more than building a profitable business, we know that in order to achieve true success you need to be a “BOSS” in all areas of your life and in order to do that you have to work on becoming the best possible version of who you were meant to be.   To become the type of woman who is able live a the true boss lifestyle you need to have ccourage, faith and be willing to showup daily.  We want to help you become a boss in all areas of your life not just your business. Curabitur tellus arcu, sodales vel ultrices et, bibendum et magna. Phasellus ipsum tortor, ullamcorper non tincidunt vel, gravida non nisi. Donec ac lorem tortor.

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