Today [September 25th, 2016] is supposed to be the luckiest day of the year.  Astrologist have been talking about this day for quite some time.  And while I don’t necessarily view luck as a mystical thing; brought on haphazardly by chance or as something that happens to people at random, I do think you can create your own “luck” by consistently putting yourself in a position to receive the opportunities your hard work deserves.

Oprah said it best.  She said and I quote:

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky”

When one attains a certain level of success people often times automatically jump to the conclusion that “luck” somehow played a part.

I’ve heard people say the same about me at different phases of my journey but nothing about anything good or bad for that matter; that’s ever happened me in my time as an entrepreneur has ever been a result of LUCK!

I’ve had to put in the work, I’ve cried the tears and endured the lonely times.  I’ve had to find the courage and fortitude to move forward on things others told me would never work.

If there’s someone you admire in your industry or just in business in general, I would encourage you to follow their journey as far back as you can.

Google them, check their first Instagram post, look at the first video on their YouTube page and you will undoubtedly see the beginning stages of the person you’ve come to know as successful.  The person that you see and admire today.

Overnight success is a farce, it’s rarely ever the case.  It does happen sometimes but the instances are few and far between.

Even people who’ve acquired success quickly or seemingly at a faster than average rate have probably put more hours into their success in a shorter period of time, but they most likely still put in the work.

If you want to have the type of success that will make others think you “got lucky”  start preparing for opportunities with the type of confidence and knowing that they are already on the way.  

If you want to be a speaker … write a speech and practice it, go to toastmasters, start preparing yourself.

If you want to become an author … start to write eventually you’ll write something worthy of sharing, that others will want to read.

If you want to succeed in business start working on your plan, start testing your concept, put your business out there, start making money, especially while you still have a job.

Everything you prepare for will eventually intersect with an opportunity so amazing it will appear to others as though you got lucky.

Do you believe in luck?  I would love to hear from you … leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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