Marketing can be scary. Not only have you started a new business or launched a new product, now you must sell it. The phrase “It sells itself!” is not necessarily true. Even brands with great products that you feel you “HAVE TO HAVE” put in a lot of time and work in their marketing. Marketing is how the product got to you in the first place! Once you have created something amazing with your target audience in mind, you then take on the task of determining how to present your creation. Success is when opportunity meets preparation. Most people will prepare themselves and wait for the opportunity. Marketing is when you prepare yourselves and CREATE the opportunity. Mindset is everything in business. A positive thinker will eventually prevail, even above the initial failures of starting a business. There are 3 components to a marketing mindset. Once you master these 3 components, you will be able to overcome any anxiety you have about selling to your ideal clients and positioning your brand for success.

#1 Thinking outside of the box

Great things don’t come from comfort zones. When you are marketing, you should put yourself out there. Most people are not comfortable with “asking for the sale”, but this is an important part of being a closer. Being a closer means; someone who is not afraid to complete the transaction. For example, using phrases like, “Would you like to set up a phone consultation?”, “Which package would you like to start with?”. Using direct terminology can be uncomfortable, but remember that you are providing value to your client’s life and operations.  

#2 Purpose-filled actions

Don’t do things, just because. Having a marketing mindset means doing things with purpose. Each step you take should have a reasoning behind it. When you begin to move with purpose your mindset will elevate and your marketing will become more effective. Anytime you run an ad on social media or send out a pitch via mail, be sure that there is a specific reason for why you are doing this and what you expect to gain from the action. Sending out mass amounts of pitches and running never ending ads will waste time and money. Watch your coins!

#3 Marketing Affirmations

Write yourself encouraging words and speak them daily. Daily affirmations are an important part of being successful. You should already have a daily affirmation that you read out loud to yourself. To get yourself in the mindset of marketing and getting yourself out there you need to have a marketing affirmation. This affirmation should be a motivational pep talk about how you want to market your business, how you want others to perceive your brand, products and how you plan to dominate the market in your niche. Talk about yourself and how amazing your marketing will be!

Remember that putting yourself out there is not easy and may take some time getting used to. The only way your ideal client will see your business is if you are putting in the work to make your brand known. Eventually clients will be rolling in asking for your products or services without you doing a mass of marketing, but for now, it is time to really put in the work. Do not be shy! You have spent hours, days and weeks putting together your products and services. Your clients will benefit greatly from what you offer and even though you may sometimes feel like you are being “extra” or imposing if what you offer has real value, clients will appreciate your presence.

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