By now I’m sure you’ve taken some time to reflect on the previous year and your business’s progress, hopefully you taken the time to put a plan in place to develop your business in a big way this year.

With 2016 in full swing it’s important to have something in place to help you get really clear about what it is you would like to see happen this year, writing your plan helps you stay on track.

The top ten things I’m about to share are a result of my own introspection, hopefully they will help you get better result for yourself

Plot, Plan,Pray

Planning is essential when it comes to growing a successful, profitable business.  Taking the time to plan helps you to stay focused, adjust when necessary, change direction if need be and continuously make new goals.

Most people do this once a year or quarterly at best but I’m a fan of doing it weekly, every Sunday I recharge, reflex and plan, make it a point to know what your doing each day by planning the night before, it doesn’t have to be an intense, long drawn out process to be effective.  Taking a few minutes to think about your business and plan accordingly can ultimately save you a lot of time, money and stress.

Be Realistic, Stop Playing Yourself

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten” – Bill Gates

Taking the time to come up with, well though out realistic, substance based goals will quicker lead you to the success you’re planning for instead of the distress that without it becomes inevitable.

Let It Go and Keep It Moving

If it’s not working, stop trying to fix it. This should be applied to anything and everyone that isn’t a good fit for you and/or your business.

It could be something you launched that didn’t do well, a business relationship that isn’t working out, a way in which you operate that doesn’t serve you or your business.

STOP investing your precious time and energy in trying to fix the unfixable and mend the unmendable, get a grip, move on and have faith something better is bound to turn up … I promise

If you don’t know how, quickly learn how to and do more of it

I recently heard Sarah Blakey – The Spanx Billionaire; in an interview with Success Magazine and she said as soon as she was financially able to … she hired her weaknesses or the things she hated to do most which often times were the same things.

It’s so easy to become delusional about the things we think we need to do by ourselves all the time, then we wonder why we’re so exhausted and frazzled with no time to do anything else often times even neglecting ourselves and loved ones.

There are so many resources available, that for a minimal cost gives you the opportunity to find someone else to do some of the tasks that quite frankly are not worth your time and effort, knowing your worth and hourly cost can help you decide when it makes sense to let go and delegate

Promote, Promote, Promote

An entrepreneur is someone who hunts daily, slays the prey so they can eat each night. Closed mouths don’t get fed.
Often times women entrepreneurs especially spend so much time on everything else, making things all perfect and pretty but forget they need to also get paid.
Too often the tasks of marketing, promoting and selling get placed way too low and the priority totem pole.

If you want to run a profitable business you need to make promotion a priority.

Read More, Learn Something New

They say readers are leaders and learners are earners.
If you’re not continuously doing both then you’re not growing and when you’re not growing you start dying a slow death

What you chose to read or learn is entirely up to you, it can be business related or something that will add a new perspective or dimension to your life.

Make More Time For YOU

YOU are your most important commodity, without you there is no business
It’s so important to not only make time for yourself but to schedule it to make sure it happens.
If you are a Mom or have a family it’s extremely important to schedule time in for your loved ones too.
Taking the time to recharge, reflect and refresh is imperative to your overall well being and business success.
Every month I have an All About Me Day … you don’t have to do anything fancy or extravagant the point is to take time out doing NOTHING AT ALL is extremely effective but splurging a little for a nice dinner for one, spa day or a one day stay-cation or trip hurt nobody ever.
If you won’t take the time out to love and care for yourself who will?

Don’t Go It Alone

The one thing that plagues all entrepreneurs at some point or the other is isolation. There’s nothing like speaking with other people who understand the same language. Join a group, organization focused on entrepreneurship. Surround yourself with others who are excited about what they do, open to new ideas, can lend a listening ear. Whether in person or in the virtual world, make it a point to make some genuine connections this year. Not sure where to start? Join our ever-growing community right here …..

Invest In Your Success

Is there something that you need a new version of, is there something or someone that you’re lacking. Whether it’s an old phone, outdated laptop or the need for a need employee or coach, make it a point to stop selling yourself short, bite the bullet and get what you need.

The irritation of just getting by or making do isn’t worth it

Give Give Get

Make it a point to give in a big way this year.
Give not just money, give of yourself and your time. Volunteer, be a mentor

Those that give willingly always get more than they give

Find these tips helpful, share your thoughts in the comment section below

Loving the tips but feeling a bit unclear about to apply them to your life and business to get the success you deserve? If you’ve already started your business but you’re not exactly sure how to get it up, running and profitable, reach out and book a complimentary session to discuss your challenges and see how I can help.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon

Much Love


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