You + Me for 90 days.  You’ve been doing what you do and doing it well for years but you’ve come to the realization that spending the majority of your time helping someone else build their dream is not what you were put here on earth to do.  

Deep down inside you KNOW that you’ve got to start spending more of your time building your own dreams and using your time, gifts and talents to impact the world in a bigger way.  You’re ambitious, intelligent, a professional, and generally, a woman who knows what to do but when it comes to starting and strategically scaling your own business You Feel STUCK.   

You KNOW that so much is possible for you, including the potential to build a successful business that will allow you to make a bigger impact and income but your hung up on all the things that people who look like they have it together say you should do.

You realize that you need help and don’t want to continue figuring out everything on your own.

Here’s the deal.  I’m here to help YOU fully understand that anything you want to do, become or have is possible once you become clear about what it is and are willing to put in the work to create it.  WHATEVER IT IS, YOU CAN HAVE IT. IT EXISTS, IT’S FULLY POSSIBLE. 

HOW THIS WORKS:  Once payment is made, you’ll receive a welcome email with coaching details.  In it, you’ll receive information regarding how to proceed, including a link to schedule your session and a detailed questionnaire so that I can get to know more about you, your business.  Your questionnaire along with anything else you’d like to share are expected to be filled out and submitted to me at least 72 hours before your schedule your first session.

Over a period of 90 days, you’ll receive a two-hour game planning session to set you up for 12-18 months and beyond.  Monthly sixty-minute 1:1 coaching recorded zoom sessions, live group coaching sessions with other existing clients, twenty-minute accountability calls and ongoing email support during our time.


“Working with Kike Odusanya has been a life changing experience for me. I came to her in 2015 confused and unsure on how to monetize my talents and passions. At the time I had a fashion line name that was known but the product was nonexistent. I loved Fashion but was tired and hated manufacturing, I had no idea how my passion for fashion could translate into a profitable business.  With Kike’s coaching, she literally held my hand step by step as we re-branded my company and took my business in another direction. She provided me with tools, resources, and information to help me do some serious soul-searching that helped me understand myself, my business and what I needed to do to make it successful.  I am happy to share that what was once “Candi Apple Couture” has now transformed into a lifestyle brand “The Stylish Reid” I have become one of the sounding authorities in North America for Plus Size Fashion, Lifestyle, and Body Positivity. Since the Launch of “The Stylish Reid” I have been fortunate to have been and continue to be featured on many media outlets such as CBC, Centric BET, Flare Magazine and more. My voice and knowledge are valued in the community I love and I have Kike’s direct coaching and guidance to thank for this amazing career turn around.

Working with Kike is one of the best decisions and investments I made in myself. I recommend her to anyone who is ready for a life overhaul. It’s not just about business, you come out of her sessions transformed and reassured in who you are as an individual. Each client becomes her personal passion and she will not stop until you become all she knows you can be.  If I have never said it before, thank you so much Kike-Lola for helping me find what was in me all along. The Journey Continues.”  Annika Reid – Body Positivity Influencer | Blogger | Boutique Owner


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